I Feel Like Killing Myself – Nigerian Man Cries Out Over Female Bréasts Growing On His Chest

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A man who has an abnormal skin condition that makes the female breasts grow on his chest has cried out for assistance.

The young man took to social media to make public what has troubled him for long.

Below is what he wrote (edited)



There is this story I saw online about a man with a female B.reast who came to a church to be delivered and since that day I saw that thread my mind has not been at rest ever since, because I have been living with the same condition for over 5 years now, without anybody knowing except myself.

I have this big tissue on both sides on my B.reast under my tip. It looks like a seed. At first when it first started growing, it was very painful for me as it kept hurting me, but now it is no longer painful although the size is growing.

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I think I have endured this very shameful burden for so long now and I think now its the time I seek some solution to it before it will be too late.

Let me give a brief explanation on how this problem has affected my life in so many ways.

I will be 22 on july 13 this year.

I first noticed this tissue growing on my chest in the year 2009 it looks like a woman’s B.reast and to make matters worst it did’t match my skin colour its fairer than my actual skin.

It all started when I was still in secondary school; I was in SS1 then. The whole thing caused me so many embarassment then because the bulge showed in my uniform when ever the breeze blew towards my direction, you will notice that there was something in there.

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I avoided all forms of gatherings including my school assemblings, I even avoided camps like a plague. In fact, I no longer use bare chest into the bathroom, not even singlet. I always wear shirts into the bathroom, since the year 2009 till date am still wearing shirts to the bathroom whenever I’m about to take my bath, and in all nobody not even my mother or any of my family members has ever seen my chest or my back since 2009 till date.

As I’m typing this now, I’ve never had a relationship with any girl since then.

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It has caused me great pains and sorrows, and I just think I should end my life now because of this problem, I’m so ashamed of my self.

I don’t know what to do with my life. My life has been very miserable and pitiful since this problem started and I just hate myself. I always love being alone and I only move at night with my normal shirts.

I’m so tired of life. I’m so frustrated and miserable and all I am always thinking about is how to end my life.

Please help me please if at all there is any solution to this problem. I want to know and how much it will cost to get rid of it.

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