6 Reasons Why Psquare Should Not Break Up

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For years now, defunct group, Psquare, had been plagued with breakup rumors, steaming from several heartbreaking gossips and of recent family issues. Yes, we might sound like a broken record, but really, we see no reason why they should end this amazing journey.
I have read several articles on why these two awesome artiste who make up one of the best musical group yet in African music history should already split up. From reasons that they already bore the masses to being irresponsible, trust me I have heard it.
Yes, like all groups and even families, there wil be trying times which of course they are not immune to, but, that should not prompt them into splitting up. They can go on an extended break but definitely not to split up.
However, even as they have split up, I am still strongly against this latest move and have 6 reasons why they should be Psquare again.
1.Family: Need I say more, yes, to many, I might sound like an old broken record, but absolutely nothing can beat the family bond. These guys, not only are they family, but twins, they share an even extra deeper bond. To some family, might have even being the cause of the whole friction being witnessed by the group, but I stand against this. Being a family in business has its own enormous perks. Take Cookie in hit TV series as an example…a perfect example of family works perfectly in business.
2.Endorsement: Endorsements will definitely be affected as most companies will find it difficult working with just one half of a group they have come to know to consists of two people. This might even be more difficult internationally, as am certain most international body already know the group as consisting of two people and not one, so working on solo careers is not such a good idea.
3.Collaborative effort: One part singing, one part dancing, perfect combo of any top musical group. We all know making music comes with dancing and of course the sound, these the brothers have easily and perfectly done for years, why would they want to stop now?
4.Psquare Brand: So, following their many years of sibling quarrels, family issue and all, they stuck together for 10 years why split up now. For 10 years, they have ceaselessly built their brand and by now should know that this same brand goes beyond individual talent. If need be take a break, but guys, don’t split up.
5.People Would Lose interest: there is absolutely no conviction that going solo will pay off, as they will definitely lose the Psquare magic which will in turn make people lose interest in the brand entirely.
6.Loyalty: The fan base they have painstakingly built over the years automatically becomes confused as to where to pitch their tents, especially as they decided on breaking up on a bad note.

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