Single Ladies! 12 Ways You Can Enjoy Valentine’s Day to The Fullest

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Today isn’t the day to sit on a couch and watch romantic comedies in tears all day! No, don’t do it. On any given Valentine’s Day, it seems like the whole world conspires to make single women miserable. Yeah, we get it.

Valentine’s Day can feel like a daunting day for any single girl, But ever amazing single lady out there, it’s time to ignore the over commercialized day. Have fun some with your friends, besties or even yourself. After all, there are plenty of ways to spread the love on February 14th, whether you’re in a relationship or not.

Enjoy a night with friends

Get your single pals, but don’t forget about people whose partners work nights or are in the military, and even couples who ignore Valentine’s Day altogether. Have a games night, host a dinner party — anything where you can catch up and enjoy each other’s company.


The endorphins released from working out are proven mood-lifters. Feeling angry? Try a kick-boxing session to burn off that hostility, go the opposite direction with a relaxing yoga class, or just take a run.

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Pamper yourself

Book a manicure, pedicure, massage or spa treatment, or save the money and take a long bath at home with your favorite scented oil, candles, and soothing music.


Do not just sit in front of the TV watching romantic comedies in tears! There’s nothing that will lift your spirits more and possibly give you a nice reality-check than helping someone in need.

Go on a group trip.

If you have turned down a group trip invite before, now is the time to go get it back. Everyone can celebrate together and it will turn into one big party.

Be productive

Maybe your resume needs an overhaul, your kitchen cabinets need reorganizing, or your closet is a mess. Whatever you’ve been putting off, take the evening and get it done.


Move on!

Get rid of the baggage from your previous relationships. Valentine’s Day is a tempting day to wallow in self-pity about your former partners but couldn’t all this emotional energy be put to better use?

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Grab a bin liner and get rid of your old ticket stubs, photos and letters. Delete their number and messages from your phone while you’re at it. It might hurt at the time but once it’s done you’ll feel better for it and can wipe the slate clean and start a fresh search for someone to spend next year’s Valentine’s Day with.

Rent some movies

Going to the movies is tricky on Valentine’s day as lovers will definitely be all over the place. So if you cannot handle seeing giggling couples today, just rent some movies, invite a friend over, get your pop corn and snacks game going and enjoy self! And if you want to add some extras, pop a bottle of red wine and Olivia Pope would surely love you for that, bonus!

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Embrace the Stereotypes

You’ve seen the movies. The single girl gorges on buckets of ice cream while single men gather their guy friends and spend the day watching back-to-back sports matches.

If you’re not dating this Valentine’s then this is your opportunity to embrace those single stereotypes and indulge in your favourite things. Pop on your PJ’s, order some food and enjoy an evening of your favourite things.


Don’t hate!

Ladies, please you do not have to go around hating on every cute couple celebrating Valentine’s day, because you’re alone today does not mean your going to be alone forever. Today is not the day to hate lovers or love, just be yourself and enjoy the day!

Remember though, February 14th is just one day and there are 364 other days in the year for you to meet people and go on dates.

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