Let’s Stop This Folly – The Bread Seller “Jumoke” Story Is Fake!

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…. The Bread seller story was Filmed by TY Bello, Jumoke is the Main Cast. Its Totally FAKE!!!
As mouth-watering as theTY Bello/Jumoke Bread Seller, Photobombing story sounds, there are lots of common sense facts that point to the fact that TY Bello is just pulling a fast one on us.
I have always had one understanding of our world and especially our nation. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true. I will bring up three or four facts that make me really convinced that this bread seller story is not only a publicity stunt, but it is as well a major fool-the-public drama that TY Bello just used to get into all our heads!
1.Will a bread seller look so good?in the selfie she took with TY Bello, olajumoke was looking so cute that one would begin to wonder if she had been doing facial treatments all her life. But then, what do I know?
2.All of a sudden, she became a MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER!How foolish can we be? Just all of a sudden, a programme was to be held in Abuja and olajumoke was invited as the MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER…. Yes, SPEAKER!
The topic was ‘If we were the government‘… So I asked myself, was she so educated before or did she become a motivational speaker just by virtue of being lucky or someone is just playing a simply silly fast one on us?
3.Bread Seller don’t Overdress like that:Anybody who saw the picture where she allegedly photobombed the Tinie Tempah shoot will probably believe with me that she was a little bit overdressed to be a bread seller. She looked so good I began wondering, did she really photobomb this shoot or was she made up before the shoot?

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4.So I heard Sujimoto gave her a house, STANBIC gave her an endorsement deal etc…. For what did a young lady who just got lucky deserve all these publicity and attention? For being lucky? Or for being a recipient of a TY Bello miracle? I guess we should expect an endorsement deal for the young man E-Money just gave a car and cash to if that is the way to deal!
You can call me as many names as you want for my non-conformist ideas…. truth is, it will not change my belief that all these PR moves by TY Bello involving Olajumoke are ways of fooling our collective reasoning.
I am certain even Basketmouth shares my views…. maybe that explains his recent jokes about Olajumoke | Read the Joke HERE…. He just wanted to tell us we are all being fooled in his usually funny way!
Y’all can keep getting fooled, Olajumoke will not become a prayer point for me for even a minute!
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