I Would Love to Go Back and Continue My Farming – Comic Actor, Frank Donga

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Popular comic actor and Instagram sensation, Frank Donga, has spoken out in a new interview of his intention to go back one day and continue his farm work especially now that everyone is embracing Agriculture as oil nosedives.
Popular Nollywood actor and comedian, Kunle Idowu, also known as Frank Donga, in this interview, talks about the pains and gains of entertainment
Below are excerpts from the chat;
Why did you choose the name, Frank Donga, and how did you come about the character?
I wanted a name that sounded generic and easy to pronounce, so I chose Frank. Since I wanted it to sound African and heavy, I added Donga. I took on several gestures, expressions, mannerism, etc from my family, friends and community that have become part of me from the time I was a child.
When did you delve into acting and comedy?
I’ve always loved comedy. I grew up watching funny shows and cartoons like Tom and Jerry, Sesame Street, Bugs Bunny, The New Masquerade, Why Worry-The Tailor, Ba$$ey and Company etc. As a young boy, I spent my lunch break re-enacting scenes from these programmes. However, my first serious acting was in the drama unit in church. My first serious comedy was in the university where I anchored events, birthday parties, cla$$ meetings, and singles meetings in campus fellowships.
Why did you choose to do skits instead of stand-up comedy?
As a filmmaker, I think in pictures, sounds and motion. It was a natural progression for me. I believe skits can easily convey my message without the barrier of language or accent. Almost anyone can get what the joke is in a skit that is properly scripted. You have to understand the language the stand-up comedian is using.
Do you consider comedy and acting full-time jobs?
Any job you’re doing back- to-back which is putting food in the kitchen is a full-time one. However, I also make corporate videos and documentaries and I do photography, TV commercials and radio jingles. In English, there are many ways to skin a cat.
What kind of roles gets you excited?
I love deep melancholic roles as well as split personality roles. I love any role that takes me out of my comfort zone. My favourite roles are the ones where my features have to be changed by the special effects or make-up department. It helps me settle faster into character.
Do people take you seriously?
It’s hard for people to take me seriously. The harder I try to be serious, the more they laugh. But I don’t mind.
Which of your professions do you consider to be most fulfilling?
It’s hard to choose because I love everything I do. I don’t even have to say a word to do comedy. Sometimes, the right expressions and gestures are just okay.
You have a master’s degree in Genetics. Why didn’t you pursue a career in that line?
My first degree is in Agricultural Sciences and I practised it for a while. After I completed the National Youth Service Corps programme, I started a poultry farm which I integrated with a fattening lot for Red Sokoto goats.
I even discovered how to feed chicken with fresh green vegetables. It gave the eggs from my farm a beautiful orange yolk with added nutritional value. If I am able to get enough money, I’ll continue where I left off, because I can combine it with acting and comedy.

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