Buhari’s Body Language No Longer Working – Fasehun

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Founder of the Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC), Dr. Frederick Fasehun, has bemoaned the present state of the nation under President Muhammadu Buhari, saying Nigerians are not getting the reward for voting the president and his party, the All Progressives Congress (APC) into office.
Speaking in an interview, Fasehun who said Buhari’s body language has failed said he (Buhari) was able to instill fear into Nigerians during his rule as Head of state because of the fear Nigerians have for the military.
“Nigerians who cheered the president before the elections are now jeering him because things have gone from bad to worse.
“I think Buhari’s body language is no longer working. He was lucky to have ruled this nation as a soldier and every Nigerian fears the military government.
His own military government was particularly dictatorial so we thought maybe now as a civilian president he will bring in good governance and probably change.
But some of us believe leopards don’t change their spots and this is what we are getting”
“We thought Buhari will come in and make everybody smile.
That was why Nigerians cheered him when he was coming in but now we are jeering. Things have to change for the better.
Nigerians must have food on their table, they must be able to pay their house rents.
They will have stable electricity to illuminate their environments, school fees will be paid easily, minimum wage will be paid and so on”.
“But tell me, which of these things I have mentioned have we experienced since Buhari came into office? It may sound like criticizing him but we are actually telling him that so far, not so good”.
“He still has more than three years to go so there is plenty of time for him to change. I am happy that the leaders of this country that have spines are telling those in government that this is not what Nigerians expected”.
“We all know things were bad. We didn’t expect things to be worse. Some Nigerians are jubilating because the dollar has appreciated to almost N300. That clearly shows that there is no improvement in our situation”
Also speaking on the loots recovered by the Buhari administration so far, Fasehun said Nigerians deserve to know how much has been recovered so far and the monies are being spent.
“Daily, we hear that people are returning billions as a result of plea bargaining but Nigerians are not seeing the effect of that money. I believe he will do better if he shows us where this money is being paid and how the money is being spent” he said.

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