STORY: Even Your Boo Get A Boo (Part 6)

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This world is sha a very wicked place.
Here I was in an all white party putting on some crazy
Buttocks off colour nonsense while the babe I had
like a massive crush on was introducing me to her
nonsense boyfriend.
What a wicked world. I pitied myself. But Nawa for
you o, I just smiled and do face like it’s perfectly
normal for a girl who had made a pass on me some
weeks ago to have a boyfriend.
I shoke hands with the nonsense Jay of a guy. But
sha, the boy just fresh anyhow. All this ajebo
children. He just brought out the kpako in me. Minus
“Welcome to my party”. Jay said, looking me up and
down. “Even though you are a bit off”
Arrogant bascard, I thought, na even the fool party
sef. No shaking.
“I don’t like blending in”. I told him. Smiling my you
can go and die smile as I motioned over what I was
The boy smiled, grabbed Clara by the waist and
started moving away. Clara looked over her shoulder
and said – “make yourself comfortable” then followed
the fool. (why I dey insult this boy sef, fool just dey
slip comot my finger)
Almost as if on cue the DJ changed the already
blasting Olamide’s Lagos boys to Harrysong’s Play the
ragge play the blues song. I rolled my eye. Perfect, I
thought, very perfect. The gods just won mock me
I looked around. Nobody was paying me any
attention, some were smoking weed. plus almost all
of them had a girl on their arm, and the normal
smooching thing sef don start for some corner while
some others were dancing.
See my life na. I come single, wear off colour join.
I walked to the alcohol dispenser in the dining area
and had the dude pour me booze in a red plastic cup
I got at the dining table.
I brought the cup close to my mouth and Indian
hemp come smell me. Like, it wasn’t as if it was
surprising or anything because like 5 guys dey smoke
the thing for the room. But somehow somehow kwa,
it was as if the smell was coming from the drink.
I sniffed. It was definitely coming from the booze o. E
be like these boys filter weed water take pour inside
this thing. Only God knows what else they added. This
ajebo children can do crazy things, they fit go even
mix Cocaine join.
I looked around. Razz party. Whatever, I go need high
mehn. I drank the booze. Nodding to Harrysong’s
song, I walked to an empty seat in the crowded
seating room and sank into it.
The party was already super crazy gan. Choi. See
rocking and smooching everywhere. I just watched. I
saw Clara and Jay dancing. Clara caught my eye and I
looked away like say I bin no dey watch them.
Msteeew. Nonsense people.
I continued scanning the room as I sipped my drink. I
saw like two booties I liked. Mehn, some girls get
hips no worry. Jayhoover. I watched one guy and a
girl slip out to go upstairs. Without been told I knew
what was about to get down. When this party start
sef? wey everybody don comot for gear already
Just when the booze plus the weed water inside the
booze plus whatever thing again wey these boys put
was starting to take hold of me, Clara Waka and
come. She pulled me up.
“Let’s Dance”.
“You want Jay to kill me abi?” I said. Pulling back.
“Don’t be silly. Get up”.
“I can’t dance”. I told her. And no, minus joke. I really
can’t dance. I dance like a bad dream.
“Just shake your body”. She told me.
Because I was starting to get high as F**K (on just
one cup, only God know what was inside this drink) I
just decided to break my no dance rule. I stood up
and allowed Clara drag me to the middle of the
Like 20 people dey already gbedu and I saw Jay
dancing with another fine babe like that. I and Clara
started dancing. Mehn, it wasn’t a small thing.
Highness na bastard.
Well, fast forward fast forward.
At a point I and Clara stopped dancing. I noticed
another babe who was free. I rush am, pulled her up
– just like that. Oh mehn, i’m high. Like, seriously.
God. What did they put in the drink.
The babe I pulled up didn’t complain, she too sef don
high die.. We danced and while we danced we talked.
I made a few jokes and she laughed. The connection
is there, I thought, in my head.
At a point, the devil whispered to me what to whisper
to the babe . Piam, I no even think am. I just
whispered it to her – just like that.
“Here is hot”. I whispered.”lets get out of here” . She
nodded and started walking away, I followed her. She
led the way to the staircase, I followed. Staggering a
Just as I climbed the stairs I looked back and saw
Clara looking at us. I throway face. Then I
remembered I didn’t even know the name of the babe
I was following. Well, who cares.
We got up and entered a corridor. The babe pushed a
door to the right and we balled into a badly lit room.
On the bed were the boy and the girl who had slipped
out of the party downstairs earlier. They were stark
Un.clad and just about to “you know na”.
I shouted something I can’t really remember now.
The babe I was with apologized at the Un.clad figures
and we shut the door and started laughing those kind
of no reason mumu laugh that you laugh when you
are high.
She fell on me, I held her. Slipped my palms down
her buttocks and gave it a squeeze. She pulled my
hands away and hit my chest playfully.
For where. The alcohol in my system pushed me on. I
gently pushed her to the wall and just as she was
about to raise her hand to push against my chest I
caught it. Raised it above her head and gently pinned
it on the wall.
Leaning in I slowly brushed my lips against hers.
Then looked at her. Her resistance stopped . Piam, I
moved in. I rubbed her lower lip with my lip then
slowly took it inbetween my lips and kissed her
I released her hands, slid my hand around her waist
and pulled her closer. She kissed me back, raising up
her hand she pulled my head in. Kissing me deeper. I
kissed her neck. No reaction. I went back to her lips
and resumed where I stopped.
That was when Clara walked up to the corridor and
saw us.
What she did next surprised me.
To Be Continued….

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