My love for Wizkid made me over N30m at age 23 – Segun Ogundele

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My Name is Seun Ogundele (youngestCEO), 23yrs Old Netpreneur. Here is My Story……. 6 years ago, I was just 17 years old. At that age, most children still depends on their parent and don’t even know what the future holds for them but then I wanted to be financially free and doesn’t want to depend on my parent. A lot of my friends laughed at me when I told then am not going to work for anyone but be my own boss.

2008, I was in SS3 preparing for my WAEC. I decided to try few internet opportunities that came my way then. I started with PAID SURVEY PROGRAMS in 2009, all I have to do to make money from this program is just to fill some surveys and I get paid. I was able to make over $10,000 at the end of six months from this program. I was so excited and decided to withdraw my earnings then the site administrator told me to pay $150 for transfer charges. After paying the $150, my account was blocked both my $10,000 and $150 had vanished in thin air. All effort to reach the site admin proves abortive and that was end of story….
$10,000 Gone!
I didn’t give up, So I decided to try something else .Blogging with Google Adsense looks so promising to me in 2010. I spent my pocket money buying materials online. After 4 months of researching I was able to break the jinx and made my first $1000 from google adsense and even received my first cheque here in Nigeria and cleared it in my domiciliary account.
I was so happy, thinking I have arrived and my income kept on increasing….
From $1,000 to $2,500, $5,000 and then $12,500
This success got me recognition on different National Newspapers in 2010 as “Nigeria Youngest Student Millionaire”I Made My First Million At Age 17. See Proof Below:

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It was when I was expecting my cheque close to N2million from google in 2010 that I lost my account and couldn’t receive the check as well.
At this point, I got tired of everything. Thought online business was not for me. When I was about giving up I came across this young Nigeria artistWIZKIDon TV with his singleHolla at your boy. He was like the youngest artist then and this made me like him so much. I went ahead to get his first album Superstar in 2011 and my favourite was “No lele” It was all about hustling and making it in life. I promised myself to play this song in my first car ever because it really motivates me a lot.
I love music a lot, so seeing a young guy like me making it BIG in the entertainment industry always give me hope too that I can become the youngest Successful Internet Marketer in Nigeria.

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Why Do I Like Wizkid So Much?

·He was like the youngest artist in the entertainment industry then just like I was in the internet business industry.
·Almost the same age with me.
·He was really hardworking, recording hit singles and making money for himself at a very young age.

So I was like if Wizkid can succeed as a young artist, then nothing should stop me!
Wizkid was making lots of money from his hobby(Singing)but since I may not have luck with music, I decided to find a way to make money with my own hobby as well which is writing and also promise myself to bring wizkid to my 25thbirthday So I have to make lot of money to be able to afford him (though I still have 23months to reach that goal since my birthday is August 15) For good 2 years It was just Wizkid Songs I listen too both on my phones and Computer.

As I was surfing through the internet around 2am on September 2010. I came across a website that changed my life today, On this secret website I discovered “How to quickly convert my Hobbies, Ideas, Knowledge and Skills to Cold Hard Cash”…..for some minutes I taught it was the Survey and PTR programs again but Hell No…
“I got my finger burnt already! No Way!”
But then as I was about to exit the website, something caught my attention, which was:
“The Only single Way to Make Massive Cash Online is By Selling a Product or Rendering a Service”

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C’mon I have been wasting my time since all these years without knowing this simple truth. I wish I knew since, I wouldn’t have waste my pocket money on all those stupid internet pythons that swallow people’s money and effort.
After reading that sentence then I received another shocker of my life!
“Selling Information product give you passive Income, so you can create a product once and keep making money from it over and over again but rendering service will not”

Oh this is exactly what Wizkid and other artiste does too.
He release a hot single,He sells it on Itunes , do album launch and also get booked for shows to perform the music over and over again.
Most successful website on the internet today. I mean website that makes their owner lotta money. They have one thing in common. They actually sell products or render services.

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