Mind Blowing: Young Hero Saved His Sister’s Life By Sacrificing His Own

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It was a morning like any other when Elizaberth
McCrorey hurried her two young children out the
door to join the other kids at the bus stop right in
front of their house on Ashford street. With their
two little backpacks on, they made their way to
the stop and waited for their bus. What happened
next was something no one could have predicted
– and something no parent should ever have to
experience. La’Darius Wylie, 11 years old, saw a
car coming down the road. The car seemed to
speed up as it got closer and horrifyingly veered
towards the children waiting at the bus stop.
Then, the young boy did something that can only
be described as heroic: he pushed his little
sister, 7-year-old Shavonte, out of the way of the
car. La’Darius was hit in her place.
They rushed the badly injured fifth grader to the
hospital where he quietly passed later the
following day. Relatives and friends were
shocked. “Coping with it day by day, so we can’t
really say what’s gonna lie ahead,” Felicia Mobley,
La’Darius’ aunt, told local news station WBTV.
His mother decided to donate his organs so that
other children with illnesses and injuries might
have the chance at life that her son no longer

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