Meet The Twin Sisters Who Are Married To One Husband

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Wonders, they say, shall never cease. It’s
true. Unlike the identical twins in a
previous story where one stabbed the
other after they fell in love with the same
man and only one of them got him, the
twin sisters in this story have agreed and
decided to share the same man in love
without any fight.

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The twin sisters from South Africa have
actually gone ahead to marry him after he
acceded to their requests, and with
polygamy being accepted in their country,
the marriage took place in a big way.

According to The Drum, for identical twins
Owami and Olwethu Mzazi, it was their
life-long dream to marry the same man.
They stated that during their childhood
days, they shared everything, washed the
dishes, played, and went to school
together. They even bathed side by side.

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One of the twins, Owami, told the
“We have always done everything
together…that is how our grandmother
raised us. So when we decided to marry,
we said any man that wants to marry one,
will marry the other.”

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Some men are just lucky sha…pay for one
wife, get one free. Chai!!!

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