3 Surest Ways to Make Money Through Online (Must Read)

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    There is no denying that a large number of the Nigerian labor force complain of   “unemployment” and “poor pay” on the regular. While many of the population are adequately qualified, most are either unable to secure a job position, or they lack the desired position in the firms they are employed in. Even more, they have little or no savings and cannot raise the required capital to start their own business or become entrepreneurs.

    Although the everyday “9 to 5”is the standard employment expectation of Nigerians in cities all over the country, especially Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt, the internet has ensured that there are now alternative ways that these potential workers can make more and earn a living. Aside from checking your emails, searching for information, skyping with friends and shopping, the internet can help anyone make money in quick and uncomplicated ways; even without initial capital or professional skills.

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    Codedwap suggests 4 ways people in Nigeria can make some easy money online doing things .


    Affiliate Marketing

    This sounds super complicated, but it is actually much easier than most physical jobs. With the internet came the social media – blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and more,  and the Nigerian public, especially the working population has embraced it with wide arms. A majority of them are registered and have active presence on these platforms. While having fun, socializing, chatting and posting pictures are the norm on these platform, these users can actually utilize their presence towards making funds by promoting all sorts of companies, products, services and offers online. They can do this by joining an affiliate network online, blog or browse the merchant listings to find something, grab an affiliate link and share it. If someone buys using the link they make a commission. The good thing is that a lot of online platforms for buying and selling have been popping up around the country and are currently in need of sales representatives.

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    Online surveys

    Online surveys are not very popular in the Nigerian market sphere, but companies are starting to indulge more in market research and other strategies that require surveys; and because most people find answering questionnaires and filling forms tedious, these companies now attached monetary incentive to motivate people towards filing their form. Research companies take it a step further by recruiting new members to answer surveys and test new products and for a few minutes of filling forms, the person can make a couple of cash or a reward. It is usually a slow and steady process but it is very convenient as you can work from anywhere and at any time, even from your toilet! Aside from local Nigerian companies, people in Nigeria can also try international and foreign organizations including MySurvey, Global Test Market and more.

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    This is a tricky one as entering a competition generally does not guarantee a win and can sometimes be not just time-wasting but also exasperating. However, there is a growing community of competitors consistently making lots of money per time, through all sorts of competitions. These competitions vary, from simply liking a post or picture, to reposting and tagging or just filling a form.  You however need to be careful, as some of these competitions might turn out to be fake.


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