10 Commandments of a Happy Relationship

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What makes a good marriage? Love is like a living, growing thing, it needs to be nurtured and cared for. If you take a relationship for granted and don’t put any effort into caring for it, then it is quite likely to fail. Take some positive steps today to keep your relationship healthy and follow these ten commandments of a happy relationship.

1. Always be loyal and faithful to one another

Trust and loyalty are vital ingredients in a happy relationship and, once that trust has been broken, it can be very difficult to regain it. Stay loyal and faithful all the time and stand by one another, whatever life brings to you.

2. Listen to one another. Really listen!

Become just as good at listening, as you are at talking. Communication is a two way thing, so pay attention to your partner’s needs and feelings, and listen carefully to what they are trying to say to you.

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3. Help one another grow and become the best they can be

Always remember that you are individuals, as well as a couple, and that you both need to grow as people. Encourage each other to succeed in your individual ambitions and celebrate your individual successes together.

4. Respect one another

Respect your partner in the same way as you would expect to be respected. Common courtesy and respect for a person’s beliefs and opinions are rights of every human being, and that’s the case inside a relationship, as well as in everyday life.

5. Spend quality time together regularly

However busy your schedule gets always make time to spend together. Go out on dates together, take vacations and get a baby sitter in some nights. You can live apart, even if you live in the same house, so don’t let that happen to you.

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6. Never fight over money

Sort out and agree on finances before they become a problem, because disagreements over money are one of the biggest causes of relationships breaking down that there is. Formulate a budget and stick to it, and then there won’t be any fights over what can be a very emotive subject.

7. If something gets broken, fix it; don’t throw it away!

Be realistic about the relationship. Love isn’t the fairy tale that you might have been lead to believe, love has its downs, as well as its ups. Even the happiest couples in the world have had their bad times. It is how you resolve those bad times that really counts.

8. Settle disputes quickly and fairly

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Try and settle disputes without resorting to heated arguments, because they never solve a thing. If you feel yourself getting angry, then walk away for a while and come back to the dispute later. There doesn’t have to be a winner or a loser in a fight, just a compromise that both parties are happy with.

9. Always be honest about your feelings

If you don’t tell your partner that something is upsetting you, then how can they solve the problem? Sometimes, even the things that might hurt your partner are better said, than left to fester.

10. Never forget the hugs and kisses

Keep the intimacy in your marriage and never forget the importance of a simple kiss or a cuddle. For a happy and long lasting relationship, you need to keep the fire burning, so don’t let your busy lifestyles get in the way of that.

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