7 clear signs you and your partner are meant for each other

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Is there a certain factor that makes a relationship last?

We know some couples stay together for some months, years then break up when things turn sour. Others stay together, make it through marriage till death keeps them apart. How can you tell if you and your partner are meant to be together?

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Inspired by All Women Stalk, here are a few signs that your relationship is meant to last:

1. No pretence: You both are real with each other. No pretences involved.

2. You both can almost read each other’s minds. You know when your support is needed and give it before your partner asks.

3. You both respect your need for space. You both understand there’s always a time for everything including a ‘me’ time.

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5. You are not afraid to straighten touchy issues with your partner. You both speak your minds when something goes wrong and know how to fight fair with each other.

6. You still flirt with your partner like you both just met.

7. You both are genuinely cool with each others friends. You don’t mind your partner hanging out with their friends while you have fun with yours.

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