Steps on how to Manual Setting Of TweakWare for Android users

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    Kudos to Baba Sunnyboi who Posted the First Version,This One is the 2nd and Manual way to set Ur Tweak-wear…I discovered that there are many Problems with the servers: Either full or nt connecting,so lets try the Second Method…….

    If you don’t like this method Click here for the first Method


    This is a second method to manually configure it with Etisalat Social Pack without using the Pre configured bundled settings in the simple method above.

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    1. Run the app and locate the Option button at the top right corner, then tap on it.

    2. Select Settings and go down to Network Settings.

    3. Check the box beside “Connect Via HTTP Proxy” to enable proxy and configure as follows: –

    -Proxy Host:
    -Proxy Port: 8080
    -Enable proxy Tweaks
    -Tap on Proxy Tweaks and Enable Reverse
    Proxy -> Go to Custom Headers and add -> Online- Host:
    -Go back to Server Settings and Change Port TO 3128

    4. Optionally for better stability, go to Network
    Settings and go down to Connection Settings and check the box beside “Enable Keepalive”. Then for the “Keepalive Interval”, type in “5” and for the “Keepalive Timeout”, choose “5”.

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    5. Confirm the “Default Server” and tap on connect.

    6. After successful handshake and authentication, press the back button and it will connect automatically.

    With this Tweakware VPN app,you do not need to be changing your IP or Port or Password, just use the simple method and enjoy the MTN or Etisalat social chat pack cheat blazing at full speed…………

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    Pls if it works for u, Kindly Drop Ur Testimony…


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