I Lost My Job Because Of My Love For Buhari, But No Regrets

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You are fired…….This is what my boss told me this morning because of
my love for Buhari.
After completing my service year in 2013,holding a Bsc in Economics, I
knew I had to hussle real hard because now I know am on my own. My
father has done something by funding my education and I have to stop
asking him for money but the situation of the country puts me in a status
I can call ADULT CHILD.
I will wake up and ask my old man for pocket money which sometimes
he will give and sometimes he will not. I have many things to do with
money that are needs. I have to look good, eat, shave, and wash but
sometimes i can be so broke that there will be no kobo to even buy 20
naira Ariel to wash my boxers. Life seems to be so difficult and I say to
myself, I have to find a solution.
I picked my laptop and i went to NCC, (Nigerian Communication Centre)
located in Agbowo area in Ibadan, a place where i can get a free wireless
to access the internet and I logged on to the the Job and Vacancies
Section on Nairaland where I applied for some vacancies posted online.
Before the end that week, I started seeing text messages of Interview
Invite on my Phone and I was happy thinking I can Never fail an
My first Interview was at JUMIA and its worth an experience. It was an
interview based on 5 stages, which includes writing skill, typing skill,
0ral, phone conversation and finally an interview with the boss. To cut
the story short, I am never get pass the 0ral stage. Maybe because my
dialect is the YORUBA ENGLISH type.
I attended another interview with Stanbic Bank and i was given the DSA
(Direct Sales Agent) position. I was referred to Workforce to do some
documentation before i read some posts about the externalities of
marketing and what i found was mind bugling. I refused to continue with
the process since I don’t think I can meet up with the Target.
Finally, I met one Business man, The CEO of Hasraph Global Services
who after giving me some interview, decided to give me the position of
Personal Assistant. He said there will be no salary but i should be sure of
a token everyday i come to work and weekend bonus.
I accepted since there will be some token and I have no other option. I
took up the Job and things were better. At least, i can boast of 1000 naira
anytime and that can take care of some needs. I know the situation will
be temporary.
Just one day, i received a call from a colleague who asked if i can
conduct a Survey for him. Without hesitation, I accepted and he gave me
the topic to work on but the survey has the whole country as its scope.
This seems to be very challenging because I have no experience of such
wide scope and i have to read and work on the best analytical tool to use
for. I employed for other colleague and we covered 5 geo-political zones
of the country excluding the North East due to insecurity (Boko Haram)
I recieved 500k for the Job and i completed the Survey in 2 months. My
results were to be presented to AJOLAYE INTEGRATED SERVICES
who funded the project in a conference room situated in a Hotel in Oyo.
This is my first experience meeting with doctors and professors
defending my survey results and explaining my method of analysis.
I received a pass mark and commendations and i felt very happy. I never
told anyone it was my first experience and now i know the reasons why
we need to study chi square, binomial theorem and all those
econometrics while in the University.
I resumed back as the P.A and anytime my boss talks about the present
Administration, he criticizes him and I told him…Sir if you know what
the previous administration has cost this country, you will know buhari is
a messiah.
I told him from my survey, I got lot of experience and I learnt a lot about
statistics and data. The previous Administration has ruined this country.
he got angry and told me that his turnover has declined and as such, this
administration is very poor. I interrupted again telling him it was due to
dwindling oil prices and its not the fault of the President. He got angry
and said YOU ARE FIRED….I left for my house….asking myself….am i
wrong to support the President?
Your opinion is needed..

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