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    The new version of Whatsapp for
    Android is here and is called 2.12.166.

    The new iteration of WhatsApp is
    released such a 20.83 MB size, 13 KB
    smaller compared to its previous
    version. It comes with bug fixes related to the sending racial emoji,
    some optimization and performance improvements.

    WhatsApp’s developers modified
    around 354 files, integrated four
    new files and erased 12 files. These
    deleted files are three types of icons allocated to small app’s buttons such as “anim_backup_ dot_grey.png”. Also, the new version of the app adds a new icon divided into four directories (“ill_

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    As you may know that the previous version of WhatsApp called 2.12.165 was a remarkable update, it came with around 209 modified files, six
    new and 32 deleted files.

    Moreover, this new version of
    WharsApp integrated functions to include the Google Drive feature and comes with some bug fixes
    related to the racial emoji.

    As I told you before, in this latest
    version of WhatsApp for Android
    where erased four types of
    internal files related with the “btn_gray_normal.9.png” and
    replaced with the new “btn_gray_ small_normal.xml” file.

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    The Android Operating System is
    the perfect place for the WhatsApp’s developers to add
    more and more features for its
    application to increase the number
    of users.

    For keeping and adding new users
    to the Whatsapp system, the
    developers are integrating new
    features and making all kinds of tests for increasing the user’s

    With this new version of WhatsApp, the voice calling
    feature give you a better accuracy,
    and the users are no longer complaining about the quality of a
    connection, interruptions, delays or other kinds of problems.
    Unfortunately, the data consumption is the same, pretty

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    Below, you’ll find the link to download the new stable version
    of WhatsApp. Once the application
    is running on your device, you can
    use it for free for one year, and after this trial period you can pay only $0.99 USD/year for a full

    Download WhatsApp APK 2.12.166


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