3 Simple Natural Ways to Increase Bre-ast Size in 30 Days!

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It is important you appreciate your natural brea$t size. It’s naturally yours and probably better than the next lady’s. However, you should also learn how to  increase your brea$t size  naturally at home. After all, it’s  true that having a large brea$t size can help to boost your self-esteem and make you  look more attractive as the beautiful woman you are meant to be.

Nevertheless, you don’t have to resort to using harsh brea$t enlargement tips. No need to even go through  painful invasive surgical procedures in order to to enhance your looks and the shape of your BR*ASTS. “Artificial” differs from “natural”!

Why are invasive surgical brea$t augmentation procedures or brea$t implantation a bad idea ?
Of course, your ultimate aim in life is live healthy, be successful and  look good. On the contrary, having brea$t augmentation can negatively affect your health in future and cut down your lifespan. brea$t augmentation/implantation surgeries tend to increase the risk of brea$t cancer in some women, because of certain carcinogenic metals used in the procedures.


Unfortunately, rather than increase your brea$t size, most surgical procedures may  end up decreasing your bank account and lifespan too.  You may even suffer life-long agony thereafter. Risky brea$t implant or surgical brea$t augmentation procedures have left too many women with bitter tales to tell in unfortunate situations. Don’t be the next victim!


Why is Natural brea$t Enlargement Method a Better Alternative?
The use of natural ways to increase brea$t size fast is now recommended as a better, healthier alternative that is free of any negative side effects. In fact, it promotes your over all well-being. It is a unique way to allow Mother Nature to help nurture and increase your brea$t size. No need for an expensive brea$t surgery or the attendant dangerous side effects. Knowing how to naturally increase brea$t size is  not just a healthier but also a cheaper alternative.

Therefore, the essence of this article is to point out some of the natural ways you can use to increase your brea$t size so you could feel good about yourself, boost your confidence and stand out from the crowd. There is absolutely no serious side effect with using any of the natural means discussed below to boost your brea$t size and over all well-being.

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What is the ideal brea$t Size for you?
A few years ago, 34B brea$t size as well as 36B seemed to be common. However, many women are no longer comfortable with that– 34C, D and E tend to be in vogue now especially among celebs. The ideal brea$t size for you is that which is healthy on you without any discomfort, enhancing your looks and making you feel proud and happy.

Your ideal BR*ASTS must also grow naturally from within, without the need to add any additional foreign tissues. You need not look like some celebrities or the average busty lady in movies whose BR*ASTS are probably “not hers”—but are constituted by implants or heavily padded by multiple bras.
Choose to stay natural!No, you do not need to look artificial to have confidence. All you need do is to enhance what you already have in you, naturally increase their size, nurture them to good health and be yourself. Choose to master how to naturally increase brea$t size now!

Here are the three most important things you should do in order to increase your brea$t size.

  1. Eating healthy to produce adequate amount of  bre*$t-enhancing hormones
  2. Doing Exercises that will enhance the brea$t and help it maintain a firm look
  3. You can also increase brea$t size naturally by doing a brea$t ma$$age. Additionally, this will also improve the round contour of the bre*$t.

There are a few other ways to enhance the brea$t size. However, the above are the three most important and effective ways to increase brea$t size naturally.  It is better to combine all the above three ways together so that you can achieve the needed results faster.

Does brea$t Actives Work?
brea$t Actives are Pills and Creams which contain a rich blend of natural ingredients that will nourish your brea$t tissues inside out so they grow to their optimal, natural size. brea$t Active pills come with a rich blend of natural essential nutrients and vitamins that will nourish you from the inside; while the cream can be used for brea$t ma$$age using proven techniques and brea$t exercises to teach you how to naturally increase brea$t size fast (discussed below).
brea$t Actives has achieved significant results in most women using them as supplements. It has worked in some cases and has not been known to cause any serious side effects.

I will recommend you use the brea$t Actives Cream for brea$t ma$$age in combination with good nutrition and moderate exercise discussed below. See the brea$t Actives Guarantee

 Natural Ways to Increase brea$t Size and how do you naturally increase brea$t size fast?

1.       Eating healthy to produce adequate amount of bre*$t-enhancing $ex hormones
Have you ever wondered why diet is so important to build up your $ex hormones? Well, here is the reason. The female $ex hormone, estrogen, is mainly responsible for brea$t size increase and other functions such as development of matured eggs (graffian follicles) released during the ovulation period. So, most women tend to have more estrogen than testosterone as opposed to men who have more testosterone instead.

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Because of higher amounts of testosterone, it is expected that men have rudimentary BR*ASTS. On the contrary,  the average female brea$t is expected to bigger since women have higher amounts of estrogen than testosterone . However, it is possible for a woman to grow BR*ASTS smaller than their ideal size if she produces higher amounts of  testosterone and small levels of estrogen. That is not really healthy though and may complicate infertility in women.

Plants are a very good natural source of estrogen. Taking advantage of the estrogen sources in plants can rapidly help to grow your brea$t and provide you with the fast, natural increase in brea$t size. This is naturally like eating the food you love best and so, there isn’t any side effect. You need to bear that in mind if you want to know how to naturally increase brea$t size fast.
In addition, plant estrogen or dietary estrogen has also been found to protect against some disorders such as bre*$t, prostate and intestinal cancers; brain disorders; and heart diseases. Fibers found in plant help you digest your foods, prevent constipation and help you lose weight too.

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Food Rich in Plant Estrogen/ Phytoestrogen:
Oil seeds and nuts: This includes oil seeds, sesame seeds, chestnuts, walnuts, cashew nuts, Fennel seeds,
Soy Products: this includes various Soybeans and soy bean products, Soy yoghurt, Soybean oil, tofu, Soy milk and others
Bread and whole grains: This includes rye, wheat, barley, corn, millet, brown rice, popcorn, crisp breads, etc

Vegetables: Garlics, clover, collards, Alfafa, Ginseng roots, beets, etc

Legumes: This includes green beans, mung beans, etc

Fruits: Water melon, plums, strawberry, carrots, etc.

Non-Alcoholic Beverages: Black tee and coffee are better and healthier alternatives to alcoholic beverages and should be taken in moderate quantities.

Meat: You should stay away from red meat as much as possible. White meat such as chicken is a better healthier alternative though.

2.  Exercises to Improve Increase your brea$t Size
The best form of exercise you can do to improve your brea$t size is that which helps to strengthen your pector*l muscles and chest wall, which  is where the brea$t actually rests upon to give it  a good pull on the bre*$t. This includes pushups and chest press. Watch this video to see the exercise is done .

3.  brea$t Ma$$age to Naturally increase brea$t Size
I strongly recommend you use the brea$t Actives Cream for the brea$t ma$$age to maintain the natural health and increase in the size of the bre*$t. Here are some of the benefits you will get from brea$t ma$$age:

  • brea$t ma$$age helps improve blood and lymphatic circulation, prevent stasis and reduce the risk of brea$t cancer
  • Proper brea$t ma$$age helps prevent sagging and enhances the shape of the bre*$t.
  • It soothes brea$t pains in case of scarring.

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