President Buhari Saved Nigeria From Total Collapse

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    The immediate past governor of Sokoto State and senator representing Sokoto North, Aliyu Wamakko has said that the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari over the last 100 days has salvaged Nigeria from total collapse.

    Wamakko, who maintained that Buhari’s resilience in keeping Nigeria great once again is evidently seen from anti-corruption fight, added that Buhari has proven to Nigerians that the country can have a reduction in criminal activities with the right leadership in place.

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    While noting that Nigerians have gotten the confidence to trust their leaders, Wamakko stressed that the country has global respect now, hence, the influx of foreign investors.

    “The country has been totally revamped from total collapse by Buhari in the last 100 days. The country has also witnessed unprecedented economic growth, with highly boosted economic indices.

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    “Happily, power supply now stood at about 5,000 megawatts, hence, Nigerians are now getting steady and near-adequate power supply.

    “Nigerians now have renewed confidence in the government, with the same going for the international community, leading to an influx of more foreign direct investments into the country.”


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