LEARN How to Get Google Adsense Approval in 45Minutes

  • Though this method is not new but I just have to do this so that those who have been finding
    it difficult to get Adsense approval can easily get it. I know it will
    work for some people and it won’t work for some people but there is no harm in
    trying. This method will give you Adsense approval within an hour. So if you
    have tried to get approval but has not yet succeeded, then this post is for
    ==> Create a new Gmail at www.gmail.com (don’t use your
    old gmail account please)
    ==> Sign in to YouTube.com
    with the new Gmail you just created
    ==> Create one or two short videos with your phone or any thing
    thing>>> and Upload them toYouTube>>> add useful title and
    description tags to the uploaded videos.
    ==> Its important you get atleast 300+ views on all your videos. You can
    easily achieve this by sharing it on facebook or any social media platform  but if you still don’t have
    up to that, continue with the next step
    ==>Open the video you just uploaded (You should see the
    link after your video finish uploading) and scroll down to video Manager or
    click here
    ==>Click on Channel and Enable Monetization (see image
    ==>Click on Enable my account
    ==> Tick all the
    boxes and click the “I accept” button to accept the YouTube
    monetisation agreement.
    ==> Thereafter, you will see a new page where you can select  your ad
    formats. Click on the “Monetize” button.
    You should receive a message in your inbox saying your YouTube account is ready
    for monetisation.

    How to Link It To Your Blog

    For Blogspot do This…
    Link your new Adsense GMail to your blog (if you are currently using a
    different email for your blog).
    To do this,  go to your Blogger
    >> click on “Settings” >> “Basic
    and  scroll down to “Permissions
    >> click “Add authors“. Enter the new Gmail you used for
    YouTube. Check the GMail inbox and click on the invitation link. Go back to the
    settings page in your Blogger dashboard to change it to an admin, then delete
    the initial email address.
    Thereafter, you can easily add Google Ads to your blog via the
    Earnings” tab in your Blogger dashboard.
    For Custom
    Domain/Hosted Domain

    This is for those
    using custom domain like anything.com (wordpress or blogger); just follow the
    below steps. But before you complete the below process, make sure you have a
    contact us page and Privacy Policy page on your blog for easy approval. Your
    blog background should maintain the KISS principle.
    ==> Log in to www.google.com/adsense, click on the
    Settings icon besides the “Help” tab. Then, click on
    ==> Click on “Access and Authorization” >> “Site
    ==> Tick the “Only allow certain sites to show ads for my account”
    box, add your custom domain, submit and it will be reviewed then approved.
    After all of that, go to your Adsense account, click on “My ads” then Create a
    new Ad Unit and implement the code in your website. You might see blank spaces
    on your blog. Just chill and keep blogging while you await the approval mail
    from Google Adsense. Once approved, the blank spaces will change to live ads.
    If rejected, review the reasons and re-apply. If they fail to accept it, you
    can remove the custom domain from your Blogger blog and the ads will show on
    the blogspot.
    Once you’ve been
    approved and Adsense ads have started displaying on your site, make sure you
    maintain Adsense does and don’t. Don’t click on your Ads or else Google will
    use you to play free kick.

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