How to Browse with Your Etisalat sim free for 6months (unlimited download)

  • Etisalat Pay Go is back, This package allows you to download mercilessly on the internte. Although the package had been deactivated since,


    But you can activate it by cloning an etisalat sim which had been on Pay Go. The below steps wil show you how to clone any Etisalat SIM
    including the PayG package to another etisalat line.

    It is just like you having a duplicate copy of another SIM, with same number, same package and same everything.

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    1. Get a new etisalat unregistered sim. Still inside the pack

    2. On your main line or Etisalat PayG line Dial 215PIN1newNumbernewPUK# for SIM 1 i.e. Dial 215000010809XXXXXXX12345678#


    Your can do this for upto 4Sims


    Note: The PIN of your Main SIM is required to complete the transaction, to ensure security. Default PIN for SIMs is
    0000, so, if you haven’t changed your PIN, it will still be 0000.

    1. If you are cloning more than one number, just dial

    For Sim1
    21500001Sim1’s Number*Sim1’s PUK Number#


    For Sim2
    21500002Sim2’s Number*Sim2’s PUK Number#


    For Sim3
    21500003Sim3’s Number*Sim3’s PUK Number#


    For Sim4
    21500004Sim1’s Number*Sim1’s PUK Number#


    Note: It doesn’t attract any data charge at all, and any sim you clone can be use on any device, just like the original sim.


    Just try to look for someone with Etisalat PayG sim, and clone it.


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