Download Autoproxy and Simple Server APK for MTN Unlimited BIS browsing on Android

  • Many that know about this recent trick have been asking me for the direct link to download the working AutoProxy and MTN Simple Server for Android.

    But as usual, in my magnanimity, I am not only going to drop the download link for the both apps that will fire up your android, but I am also going to drop the detailed configuration set-up for the benefits newbies and our untechy fellows.

    Just grab your Zobo juice with popcorn as you follow the simplified steps below to download Autoproxy, Simple server and also to set them up for your unlimited BIS browsing;

    Download Autoproxy here and download Simple Server here

    Then follow the remaining steps carefully;

    = =>You need to set up your phone APN, Proxy address (IP) and Port. So go to your mobile phone network settings and set them up as follows;

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    => APN =

    => Proxy address (IP) =

    => Port= 8080.

    = =>Install the MTN simple server that you have downloaded

    = =>Click on settings at the top right corner of your open MTN simple server to configure it by tapping on each of the configurations and setting them up as indicated below;
    =>Proxy host =

    => Proxy Port = 8080

                => Enable Proxy = just tick the box

    => Injection method = choose GET

    =>Querry/url =

    =>Injection Host =

    =>Injection line = tap the enter button on your onscreen keyboard 4 times

    =>Enable Injection = just tick the box

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    =>Log level = choose DEBUG

    That is all for the Simple Server, then now to the Autoproxy; the essence of the Autoproxy is to help power up all apps and also to give you a stable connection in case of some sudden disconnect issue you might encounter with the Simple Server.

    So you need to root your Android first before Autoproxy will work flawlessly for you.

    If you have rooted your phone and installed the downloaded Autoproxy from the above download link, then just open it and set it up as follows;

    = => Tap on the Add (+) button on the top right hand side of your open Autoproxy screen to set up the Proxy Host and Proxy Port

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    = => For the Proxy Host, tap it and input and then for the Proxy Port line, tap and input 8080

    After all the set-up above, you can now load your MTN line and subscribe to any of the BB10 BBLITE Daily, Weekly or Monthly plan by texting BBLITED, BBLITEW or BBLITEM to 21600, then open and connect your Simple Server, leave Autoproxy open and minimize and finally fire up any of your browser.

    Browse and download until you are tiered, stream and watch till yours eyes start hurting, chat and mingle until your battery runs

    If you are happy with this, kindly use the comment box below to express yourself.



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    2. Boss, I can’t root my gionee M3 mini fone for my simple server and autoproxy to work. have so many root app to root it but not like kingo root, iroot.

    3. Hy plz help me I have android Mtk phone AG mobile chacer v4.4.2 it has two simcards I have changed all emails using Mtk and bought bis but it doesn’t work plz help and I also tried to root the phone but it can’t be rooted I tried kingoroot. It count to 90 afta it restart itself hlp plz

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