Airtel Blackberry Internet Subscription (BIS) unlimited 2+1 plans are all promos and have ended

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    If you are an airtel subscriber you would have noticed that at the eve of the New Year, airtel sent out notification texts messages to most of their subscribers, letting them know that the BIS unlimited 2+1 offer ends that night being 31st December 2013. If you go on presently to subscribe to  any of the BIS unlimited 2+1 plans that you usually subscribe for before using any of the activation codes, you most likely will get this reply ‘Error occurred (538), please try again sometimes’, this is simply an indication that the offer is no longer available. On the other way round if go ahead to use the SMS code method to try to subscribe to any of those plans, you will get this reply ‘Dear subscriber, you have sent in incorrect keyword’ or no reply at all, which is also an indication that the promo has ended.

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    The most common BIS 2+1 offers that you mostly use that have been suspended include but not only;

    = => the 3 month plans that offer 6GB of data for N6,000

    = =>the 3 week plan that offer 1.2GB of data for N1,050

    = =>the 3 day plan that offer 240MB of data for N200

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    = =>and also the eligible SIMs that were given 4GB of data for N1,500 for a period of 2 months.

    But the good news here is that it is only the 2+1 promos that were suspended and you can still do the single month subscription and use it to browse on your PC and other non-blackberry devices. Below are some of the single month plans that you can still subscribe to and use to browse on any device presently that is still affordable and cheap as compared to other networks.

    = =>Monthly plan that gives you 2GB of data for N1,500 (activation code: 44016#)

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    = =>weekly plan that offer 400MB of data for N400 (activation code:44017#)

    = =>daily plan that gives 80MB and that goes for N100 (activation code: 44018#)

    So you can currently choose from any of the above plans for your browsing pleasure. They are still working fine on PC and other devices that you can think of. So don’t be scare to subscribe to any of them for now, and if by any way after subscription, you still can’t connect and browse, always feel free to implement what you see here.


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