Very Hot: How To Make Free call On your AIRTEL Sim

  • Am Happy To Inform u All dat everyone on codedwap Group re Enjoy d New  AIRTEL Freecall Code we jst unleashed!airtel.png


    Check my Screenshot below:



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    Step1: Dial *277*7#

    Then reply with 1 and Reply again with 2 for #2500 bonus. (140 minutes) .

    Note: Diz Tweaks Allow u to call all Network, kindly help us by sharing diz post wit ur friends, hit d share botton above!

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    0 thoughts on “Very Hot: How To Make Free call On your AIRTEL Sim

    1. de airtel ish is no longer workin. Why not remove ur older post and put up fresh ones..doesnt mata if ur page will look empty we will undastand dia are no updates yet..i hav tried many tins u guys put up and none is goin thru.
      Thanks thou…

    2. airtel is the best line i hav use so far. i like how they do their things e.g given out free credit nd mb thy are the best. i in courage them to continue do it an remain bless

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