Easy Guide On How To Tweak Your Imei Number

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    Most of the reply that follow the thread are “how can we tweak our imei”.
    And Due to the influx of messages i got on assistance in imei tweaking i need to drop this tutorial for you guys.

    Now to Change Your Android Phone IMEI Number to Blackberry IMEI

    Disclaimer: “Please note that, changing of IMEI number is illegal in some regions, and I shall not be held responsible for any consequences that occur as a result of changing your phone’s imei number.

    There are two methods you can use
    and they work well on all android
    phones with Mediatek processors like
    Tecno, Gionee etc. First of all, dial *#06# to view your android default imei and write down the imei of phone 1
    and phone 2 if your phone is dual SIM.

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    Like i said before, there are two ways
    you can easily get this IMEI changing
    done which are Mobile Uncle and
    Terminal Emulator. To Change IMEI Number Through Terminal Emulator]For Single Sim Device:

    1. Root Device
    2. Download Terminal Emulator from
    Play Store

    1. Open Android Terminal Emulator
    2. Type SU then press ENTER button to
    get Superuser permission
    3. After that, type this command then
    press ENTER button AT +EGMR=1,7,”IMEI_ NUMBER” For Dual Sim Phones
    1. Rooted Android phone or tablet.
    2. Install Android terminal emulator
    3. Open android terminal emulator.
    4. Type SU then press ENTER
    5. Type following command then hit Enter AT+EGMR=1,10,”IMEI_NUMBER”
    6. Last step, reboot your android
    phone and that’s all.

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    The Second Method
    1. Search and download Mobileuncle
    MTK tool from Google Playstore,
    2. Open the mobileuncle app, scroll
    down and tap on Engineering mode.
    3. Click on CDS information.
    4. Click on the radio information then select SIM 1 or SIM 2 to change the imei
    number to Blackberry.

    To change SIM
    1 imei number to blackberry, touch
    phone 1 and in the popup, touch the
    AT+. Once you touch the keyboard will
    popup then you will have to type any single letter and cancel only the letter
    you have type.
    5. Immediately you can notice the
    scribes that is required for you it will
    look like AT+EGMR=1,7””
    6. Click the first row and after 7 you
    can notice the simple ”” delete the last
    inverted comma and type the
    Blackberry imei number you
    7. Verify the typed blackberry imei numbers, then close the inverted
    commas. Click the SEND AT COMMAND. Once the pop up display indicates AT command successfully
    send. Reboot your phone and you are

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    That’s all. At least one method should
    work for you.

    I hope this info help you a lot?
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