Constitutional Lawyer Reveals Why Buhari Or Osinbajo May Be Impeached

  • AN Abia State based Constitutional Lawyer and Human
    Rights Activist, Dr. Anthony Agbazuere has warned the
    ruling All Progressive Congress [APC] to allow the
    election of Senate President Dr. Olusola Senator and
    Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mr. Yakubu
    Dogara to stand and allow Nigeria to move forward.
    Agbazuere, further warned that threatening, harassment
    and intimidation of the National Assembly leaders may
    threaten President Mohammadu Buhahi and Vice-
    President Yemi Osinbajo’s positions.

    “Any attempt by the APC to plot the impeachment of
    Saraki and Dogara will not only fail but will destroy the

    “An attempt to threaten them may lead to the
    impeachment of either President Buhari or both Buhari
    and Osinbajo. The implications are obvious”, Agbazuere

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    According to him, “when persuasion fails, it must not be
    carried too far”, so as not to cause more harm to the polity.
    “APC must also stop threatening [Ike] Ekweremadu and
    must realize that his position is a bitter pill which the party
    must swallow to survive.

    “APC must not forget that the same structure which
    brought Ekweremadu to office also brought Saraki on
    board and this group/alliance is greater in number”, he

    He also reminded the ruling APC that “the party has no
    powers in any law to choose for members of the National
    Assembly those to lead them”.

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    Agbazuere who is immediate past information
    commissioner in Abia State, also faulted the figure being
    published in the media as the number months workers in
    the state are being owed salary.

    Accordinf to him, the core civil servants are not owed more
    than three months while workers in parastatals are owed
    about 5 months, insisting that no worker in the state is
    owed nine months salary arrears.

    “It is therefore wrong, mischievous and an act of blackmail
    against the state and the past administration for any one to
    make a generalization to say that Abia workers are owed 9
    or 10 months’ salary arrears.

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    “It is my view and I so hold that the picture of the salary
    issue of Abia State workers should not be maliciously
    presented in the media.

    I am confident that Governor Okezie Ikpeazu has the zeal
    and sagacity to address the problems and I urge Abians to
    give him maximum support, cooperation and
    understanding as the state addresses the consequences of
    the drop in revenue”, the former commissioner said.

    Source: Vanguard


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