VERY HOT JUNE CHEAT: MTN Free 2015MB is Still confirmed Working Well

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    I can see that some of you guys have abandoned this ever lasting tweak and concentrating in searching/trying free 3GB IMEI (Infinix Hot Note Pro IMEI) while some believed that it was blocked. Could you believe that lots of people who bought Smartphones during Jumia Mobile Week Megathon are still have problem of activating their free 3GB. Anyhow, let us be optimistic that the gurus are still going to benefit from it before the deadline date 21st June, 2015. Just stay glued and watch out for updates.

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    This post has made to notify you guys that the MTN free 2015MB with the aid of Infinix Hot Note IMEI is still blazing very well. No dulling guys. Though, at times it may be difficult to done, but once you are not panic, it will surely done.

    The tweak was tested and working fine on both old and new MTN SIMs. Just make sure that you use virgin SIMs (Never been used for this type of tweak) for positive response. Before I made this post, I got MTN free 2015MB onĀ  6 different MTN SIMs. Below is the screenshot of the one I did day before yesterday (10-06-2015) and the one I did at yesterday night as well.

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    Just tweaks your Android phone IMEI with below IMEI:

    Make sure you change the last 3 or 4 digits and you are good to go.
    After succeeded in Imei tweaking
    Text FREE to 131

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    Dial 123432# or 5594# to check your data bundle.
    If you receive a negative response, try another IMEI until you receive a positive response.

    If you are new to IMEI tweaking, kindly CLICK HERE TO LEARN

    Enjoy it while it last


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