Topic: Twitter update makes it easier to block many people at once

  • Twitter is once again stepping up its efforts to help users
    facing harassment on its social network.
    The company just added new tools that make it easier for
    people to block several people at once. With the update,
    users are now able to share lists of accounts they have
    blocked and make them available to other users.
    In a blog post Wednesday, Twitter User Safety Engineer
    Xiaoyun Zhang said that the latest update was an expansion
    of the platform’s existing mute and block tools.
    “While many users find them useful, we also recognize
    that some users — those who experience high volumes of
    unwanted interactions on Twitter — need more
    sophisticated tools,”
    Zhang wrote.
    “We also hope these advanced blocking tools will prove
    useful to the developer community to further improve
    users’ experience.”
    The feature will be particularly useful for groups that are
    often targeted by the same individuals. Now, rather than
    each user manually blocking each account, one person can
    share a list of accounts and others can block the entire list
    with just one step.
    You can share a list of accounts you have blocked, from the
    “blocked accounts” tab in Twitter’s main settings menu from From there, select “advanced” options and
    “export your list.” This creates a .csv file that you can share
    with others. Similarly, users can upload a list that’s been
    shared with them from the “import a list” option in the same
    The feature will be rolling out to some users beginning
    Wednesday and Twitter says it should be available to
    everyone “in the coming weeks.”
    Wednesday’s update comes as Twitter has ramped up its
    efforts to respond to criticism that it doesn’t do enough to
    help users deal with harassment on its platform, an area
    that CEO D!ck Costolo has also acknowledged the company
    desperately needs to improve.
    The company previously streamlined its harassment
    reporting tools, added features that make it easier to report
    threats to policeand updated its policies to more explicitly
    address violent threats and revenge po.rn.


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