IMEI Tweaking: hot to accumulate the new mtn 3GB

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    Honestly I must confess that imei tweaking has hindered all other post in my blog but not to worry moretips and tricksis coming soon on CODEDWAP.

    Imei tweaking has help many students and even graduates that has not yet secured a job but they can easily tweak and sell data sim to people in need in their town at a give away price. Which put income to the table of imei tweakers.

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    This is a special message to all imei tweakers, please don’t be greedy nor stingy with data selling. Let be better than our leaders and help each other. If a fellow imei tweaker ask you for
    available imei to tweak and you have it kindly give it to him or

    What makes me more happy is that our ladies too do tweak easily now and this is no proudness, everyone one @ CODEDWAP blog FACEBOOK Group is ready to help if you are willing to learn.

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    Enough of story and to the business of the day.

    Answers To Few Questions
    Q1: Can I tweak the below imei on any sim?
    A1: Yes you can for this particular imei below

    Q2: will this new 3gb work on sim before used for other mb tweaking?
    A2: Yes

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    Q3: Can I accumulate to get 3G?
    A3: Yes you can accumulate

    Q4. Will MTN block the line after tweaking?
    A4. No.Infact that one na story for the gods oh!

    How Do I Get the new 3GB IMEI

    ==> Tweak this imei 358863060087142 6 or 6 random digits

    ==> Send mifi to 131 using SMS Bomber to accumulate

    ==> Dial 5594# or 5592# to view data balance



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