The 10 Countries With The Fastest Internet In The World

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Lagos state reportedly boasts of the fastest internet speed in Nigeria with about 4.08Mbps (Megabits per second). Abuja comes next with an average of 3.34Mbps, and all the other states fall in behind. If you think that is fast, wait until you see what is happening in other parts of the World. The no 10 country on this list has an average internet speed of 12.1Mbps! We haven’t started in Nigeria at all, we are what you would call ‘learners’.

  1. Finland
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Average Mbps: 12.1. Internet speeds have increased 33% over the last year.

  1. Czech Republic

Average Mbps: 12.3. Internet speeds have increased 8.4% over the last year.

  1. Ireland

Average Mbps: 12.7. Internet speeds have increased 24% over the last year.

  1. Latvia

Average Mbps: 13. Internet speeds have increased 25% over the last year.

  1. The Netherlands

Average Mbps: 14.2. Internet speeds have increased 15% over the last year.

  1. Switzerland

Average Mbps: 14.5. Internet speeds have increased 21% over the last year.

  1. Sweden

Average Mbps: 14.6. Internet speeds have increased 34% over the last year.

  1. Japan

Average Mbps: 15.2. Internet speeds have increased 16% over the last year.

  1. Hong Kong

Average Mbps: 16.8. Internet speeds have increased 37% over the last year.

  1. South Korea
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Average Mbps: 22.2. Internet speeds have increased 1.6% over the last year.

Notice how nos 1-3 fall into the category of people we call ‘chinco’. While we are busy making jokes about these people – that they speak bad English and their products don’t last – they are busy quietly taking over the World in everyway.

Our internet providers really need to step up the game!

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