Steps To Lock Your Computer With pattern lock like Android phone

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    Here are the Features:

    *Automatically Lock on Startup.

    *Wrong password will alert you with siren sound.

    *You can set message as per your choice on Lock screen.

    *You can set background image as per your choice.

    Steps To Use:

    *Firstly Download this application by
    clicking on this Link Click Here

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    *Now you can Eusing Maze Lock pattern window where we have to save some settings.

    *Here you can set lot of things like Reset, backup & pattern style points. Set pattern as per your choice by dragging your mouse and if you want to take backup of your pattern then
    select “Backup Pattern”. Backup pattern will be save in BMP format so that if you forget your pattern then you can easily check it.

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    *Finally click on General tab and change the Auto lock in windows start-up to ON.

    *You can write your custom message in
    message box below settings which you will be able to see in lock screen.

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    *Finally Click OK and its Done !!

    Enjoy! and invite more friends.


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