Best Cheapest Data Plan For All SmartPhones/ PC in April 2015

  • If you miss the MTN BBMIDID subscription, then you are in for a
    very long thing. Like I always said that what fuel is to car is what
    data is to phone… Whenever you run out of data, you’ve simply run
    out of fuel and my job is to ensure you have enough fuel in your
    phone at a minimal cost.
    I’ll quickly take you in a short journey on the best data plan for the month of April.
    Do you know you can get 100MB for just N25…? I know you are going to ask me how but this plan is really going to be suitable for all
    users. And somebody is like …( vomit this thing whykay baba! ).
    I’m always attracted to anywhere I see cheaper data plan just like hammer and nail can’t be separated.

    Glo: This is still the ultimate, Glo data plans rocking like thunder all
    with the power of changing your imei to use Glo Bis on Android and
    BB10 . iPhone users can always go for a more lesser plan. I’m
    beginning to put iPhone users into consideration… look at this, maybe
    you are the type that don’t use much MB on your phone or you see
    3GB as too big for you to finish, I’ve got a more cheaper plans for
    you on Glo.
    Do you know you can get…
    100MB for N25 (find out)
    200MB for N400
    500MB for N700
    1GB for N1,000
    1.5GB for N1,450
    The above plans are suitable for people that don’t consume enough
    MB within a month and can be gotten from
    But remember, Glo normal plan, that gives you 400% Bonus of your
    recharge and 200% bonus on data still rocks.
    2.5GB goes for N2,000
    4.500GB for N2,500
    How Can I Get This Plan?
    ==>Dial *200# to activate the overload account
    ==>Dial *127*58# to get 4.5GB
    ==>Dial *127*55 to get 2.5GB
    MTN : Android users has been rocking flawlessly MTN BB10 Plan on
    Android that gives you almost unlimited download with just normal
    N70 daily subscription, but of late, its been having some bug and I
    don’t want to believe its blocked… I’ll advice you not to sub for this
    plan at the moment pending till when its confirm working back.
    But For iPhone users, PC users and other window phone users, MTN
    Better Me data plan still rocks, and it gives you 2015MB for N2015
    almost equivalent to 2GB.

    To activate the better me package, dial *123*4#
    Airtel NG: of late I notice you can’t no longer subscribe for Airtel
    Android Plan which goes for 2GB 2k, the message I kept getting is
    “sorry, you don’t have a sufficient balance to activate this plan”. I
    tried calling their CC but was so impatient to wait for that Kanuri
    Chic to pick the call; so I left the sim like that pending till when I’ll
    regain my patience. The truth is, if this plan is hampered or tampered
    with, Airtel will need to be sued for illegal charges of Data
    subscription… NCC regulatory body need to look into this matter.
    Etisalat NG: If there is anything I love about this network is for the
    fact that you can stream endless with Etisalat Smart Pack.

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    I used this to stream all the Election updates till 3am and I’m loving it the
    more… To get you 250MB, 500MB, 700MB, please contact YKWHIZY on 08168274092 .
    It works on all Smartphone including PC. Remember, the god of the
    network still exist !

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