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2go112go5.0 download from
version5.0 looks like Whatsapp – has
launches a new version called 2go5.0.2
with new features.
All 2go lovers, there’s finally good news
for you all! Most people prefer the2go
interactive mobile application to
Whatsapp but kept pleading with the
guys at this new of improve their
features to enable much faster delivery
system and to boost smooth chat
between friends and loved ones.
Well, has just done that with lots
of added visible features which happens
to be a great improvement upon the
I logged in to my2goaccount today
(which has really been a while I did) and I
was so impressed with the new
development the guys at2godid.
Firstly, I immediately I logged in, I saw the
big fat 2go logo and rightly underneath it
was2go5.0version(v5.0.2) and I was
like hmmm, this will be interesting.
The new features takes the previous
Navigation bar off the roof as it adds a
new Icon to the stock tagged “ Switch
Account” and “Connecting”
Below are the new features listed in the
2gov.5.0.2 on Java phones.
– Chats (Notifies you of all current chats
that you are currently into with friends
and loved ones.
This now also notifies you of offline
What’s New in Chat: You won’t believe
this:2go5.0 now gives you delivery
status of your message same way
Whatsapp does. WhatsApp shows a
“correct-like mark” on every delivered
messages –2gonow shows a “correct-
like mark” on all sent messages to your
contact. So, it’s easier to now know
which message has been sent and
delivered unlike before. This is so cool.
– Friends (List of all your friends, both
online and offline) You also get to know
which friends have offline notification
enables with a bluish icon.
What’s New: You see which friends
appear online, which of the message you
sent to friends offline gets delivered and
same friend-list settings still applies.
-2goRooms (Here is where you get to
chat with people of like-minds like sports,
education, music, etc)
– My Profile
– Get GoCredits –2goMarket place
– Settings – Basic settings applies
– Switch Accounts (NEW) – You can switch
between multiple accounts as this will log
you out and take you directly to the login
page for another to login or you can do
the same.
– Connecting (NEW) – Shows you the
connectivity strength of your mobile
device and network operator. Once you
see this bar, it signifies that the2goapp
is still connecting.
Now, I will also be showing you how to
download2goversion5.0 (v5.0.2) on
you java phones, android phones and all
smart phones including Blackberry and
HTC. Mind you, the current2go5.0 has
only been rolled out for JAVA phones like
Nokia and other JAVA enabled devices.
This sameversionalso applies to2gofor

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