All PES 2014 Cheat For PS2

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Bonus players
Win the Division 1 Master League to unlock 11 bonus players
in freeloan mode. Repeat this 2 more times to unlock all 33
bonus players.
To Unlock World All-Star team
Win the International Cup as any team.
To Unlock Holland Classic team
Win the European Cup as Holland.
To Unlock Germany Classic team
Win the European Cup as Germany.
European Classic team
Win the European Cup as England.
Super cross
Hold L1 and tap O.
Brazil Classic team
Win the American Cup as Brazil.
While in front of the keeper in the 18 yard box press L1 and box
To draw ball back with skill
Use R2 to stop then hold L1 and tap d back direction.
While havig the ball, hold R2 then move the left, analog stick
back then quickly move it foward again. Now we are ready
to confuse some people.
Winners cup
Win all cups, leagues, and Division 1 Master League.
Control your keeper to defend R2
First you press and hold triangle then you press your L1
botton… After that you take the keeper any where you want.
To Unlock Argentina Classic team
Win the American Cup as Argentina.
Cross cheat
whenever your opponent wants to cross the ball
and your player is at the front you press the direction your opponet is facing and press L2 the ball will hit your player.
Pressuring formation
While playing type this coad to pressure formation,
hold L2,and press box, X, O, triangle, before leaving the L2
Accurate shooting
When you r in 1 on 1 against your opponents goal keeper press R1 two times
when ball moves little a bit forward from you then shoot with
Penalty cheat
When u reach the front of the goalkeeper just press x and
then penalty.
Goal keeper cursor
Go to player settings and ON GK CURSOR…anytime your
opponent wants to score,press L1 and triangle…then you
can stop R2 shots.
Press Box and then r2
How to score 99 goals
If you score a goal,save it, then replay it you will see the
Scoring a corner kick
At the left side,u someone like your o button 2 the
mid guage and tap the left direction.
Best team
To have a good and solid squad just transfer these people
into your own squad
left back A. Cole, Evra, subs (Bridge and heinze)
rightback fedinand, terry (toure and carragher)
Midfield:ronaldo, lampard, fabregas and gerrard.
subs:ronaldinho beckham, messi,lennon, warlcot
Strikers:Henry, rooney subs Drogba, anelka, adebayor tevez.
Leg over
Double l1 continously.
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